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If you are a technical student and looking for awesome opportunities in CS or IT, here are 3 wonderful competitions for you in which you would love to participate if you are eligible – Google Summer of Code, Microsoft Imagine Cup and IBM The Great Mind Challenge.


Google Summer of Code-




Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers post-secondary student developers ages 18 and older stipends to write code for various open source software projects.


To know more about this competition, click here.


Microsoft Imagine Cup-



Imagine Cup is an annual competition, organized and sponsored by Microsoft, that encourages students like you to create software solutions to solve the ‘world’s toughest problems’.

Its a very popular competition in the student circle and the rewards are really big. You can know about this awesome oppourtunity here and here.


IBM The Great Mind Challenge-


IBM TGMC is almost similar to Imagine Cup, and this is all about software development using IBM tools and technologies that can solve some real-time problems and scenarios.

TGMC is organized by IBM academic initiative, and is very well-known in the IT sector. it is the best platform for you to project yourself and your skills and increase your recruitment chances.

The competition is annual, and is about an year in length. You can read about it more here.
And also have a look TGMC 2012’s website here.

I hope you all must be turbocharged after reading this, and prepared to compete in one of them.  BEST OF LUCK.


Hi friends,

It’s been a long time since I last posted my article here but today I found something wonderful that is worthy of being shared. 🙂

Many of us are always interested in earning money on internet without any investment. Also we used to keep looking for such things. I have experienced that more than 98% of online earning websites are either fake or they ask for some investment there. Genuine free online earning websites are rarely available to lucky ones.

Here I am glad to inform you about one of those rare working websites where you can earn free online gifts without any investment or skills. This website actually provides free gifts, It worked genuinely when me and my friend tried it.

Following is step by step procedure of earning free gifts:

Step 1:

Simply click here or go to the following link and click on the violet colored button “New Member Sign Up”- Image

Step 2:

Please sign up either from your Facebook account your e-mail account. Fill the small form of required information.

Step 3:

Now you’re a member of . Visit the website and check out the “Gift store”. You can buy gifts from the gift store by paying your points. All gifts have there different demand of points.

Initially you will be having zero points at all. Now  I am going to tell you some easier way of earning points – 

1. You can earn points by referring this website to your friends. For each referral you receive 10 points currently. As shown in image simply click on “Earn points” and send the invitation to your friends. If your friends sign up on the website from your referral then you will receive 10 point for each referral withing 3 days.

2. Every week you can earn 5 points by correctly solving a simple quiz (5 questions) based on general computer based questions. Each correct answer will bring you 1 point. you can use internet to search answers.

3. You can buy points also. click “Buy points” on the website for detail.

4. You can also earn up to 100 in a week points by participating and winning different contests available on the websites.

However I recommend the first way which is easiest way to earn several points quickly. 🙂

Now If you are thinking about creating some fake accounts and earning more points quickly then please don’t be greedy. Kindly notice that your account will be suspended permanently without any warning.  So please earn in a honest way and let other people earn from the website. 

Once you earn enough points, rush to gift store and place your order of your desired gift. 🙂

This website used to bring new features , new gifts and new facilities there. Keep checking.

Note: Only available for those people who are less than 25 year old and live in India.

Thank you.

Enjoy shopping without any investment. 🙂

Have fun !

–  Ashish Agarwal

Hello Friends, I know most of you are aware about Turbo C++ software for computer programming. This compiler works easily in full screen with windows XP but we can not use it in full screen with windows 7 or windows vista. So to get rid from this problem we use a software named DOS Box.
I noticed that this problem has become very common now days and we need to get rid from it. As we know properly working Dos Box software are not easily available and if they are available then mounting that and to learn all those commands is itself a headache. But Today I’ll give you such a trick by which you won’t need DOS Box to run Turbo C++ in full screen.

For this first you go to the installed turbo c++ application in your computer. (Generally in C drive)
Go to c:/tc/bin and find tc.exe.

Right click on tc.exe and go to properties. 

In the properties go to Screen Tab.
In Screen tab you got option about Usage  in that properties click on windows instead of Full screen.

After that run tc.exe, click ignore if ask (if not then do nothing) it will open it in normal small window.

Right click on the border and go to properties then move to fonts tab.

Select “lucida console” and size “28”.
Now enjoy programming in C++ .

I hope it was useful for you. Please let your friends know about this trick.
Have a better programming experience.
Please comment and share if its useful for you.

Thank you.

Hi Friends..

                   This time you will learn to hide your private folder in your mobile phone without using any software, For this its mandatory to have a java supported phone.


1.) Firstly decide which folder is to be hidden and rename it with adding .jad after its name. Here .jad is an extension. For example if you need to hide a folder named Video. Then you need to rename it as Video.jad .

2.) Then create a new folder in same location with same name but with a new extension .jar . Eg: Create a Video.jar folder in the same directory.

3.) Third and final step is that here is no step. 😛  😀 . You are done. Check that the folder named Video.jad is not visible now and only Video.jar is visible their.

To view your folder rename the visible the folder and remove extension .jar. Now your hidden folder is visible to you.

Note: I suggest you to keep longer name of the targeted folder because if the name of folder is too long to visible in mobile screen line then the extension will not be directly visible to anyone and it will make your data more secure.


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