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[ Here you will read that how to install windows 7™ ultimate SP1 Genuine for free. ]

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Estimated Overall Download Size
32 Bit – 2.39 GB
64 Bit – 3.09 GB

How to get Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Genuine for free? Actually, its not genuine Windows 7 but just a smartly pirated version of Windows 7 so that even Microsoft Genuine Validation process cannot detect that your OS is not genuine.

First thing you need is µtorrent (http://tiny.url.com/3a4n2or) or any other BitTorrent client to download Windows 7 SP1 ISO from this webpage

32-Bit >>> http://tiny.url.com/6fdr66b

64-Bit >>> http://tiny.url.com/5txkyef

And download, Windows 7 Loader (http://tiny.url.com/ykjzqjj)

Almost everyone among us know how to burn an ISO to a DVD, but friends, installing an OS through DVD is slower as well as more prone to corruption. So, this time, we’ll install an OS through a Pen Drive. The last tool we need to download is the Windows 7 USB DVD Tool (http://tiny.url.com/4azt74c)

Put these three files (ISO, 7 Loader and USB tool) in a folder and rename it as Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Genuine. Now install the USB DVD tool and run it and follow the on-screen instructions. Don’t forget to attach a 4 GB or higher USB stick. Also copy the 7 loader file to pen drive manually. Now, take a backup of your data. After that, reboot and go to your BIOS setup utility and set your computer to boot from USB. Restart your computer and follow the setup instructions to get Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 installed on your computer.

Remove the pen drive, when setup is done with copying files. Do not enter any key.

Screenshot of Windows 7

After installation gets completed, run 7 loader and click on install.

Now Update your windows and HIDE Update for Windows 7 (KB971033).

Thats it! Enjoy!

Please Note: The cracked softwares posted here are only meant for educational purpose, I never support piracy. And if you can afford to purchase the genuine ones, please do. Further, I am not responsible for cracking any software or operating system. You can take it the other way that, it is actually a testing version. Go buy the genuine one if you like it and support programmers. Thank You.

Credit of this post goes to:AJAY RAGHAV 🙂